Unleash your inner gourmand and explore the exquisite flavours and culinary traditions that define each destination – be it New York’s rich fusion cuisines or Sicily’s Mediterranean delights, you will surely discover something to tantalise your tastebuds on this tantalising voyage.

Explore Lyon and treat yourself to delicious French food, along with trying its famous bunuelos – an extremely popular Christmas dessert served in Latin America.

1. New York City

No matter if you are a resident or tourist to New York City, culinary treats await. From traditional pizza to top-of-the-line doughnuts (my personal favourite are from Doughnuttery!), and world renowned cheesecake, each bite tells a tale from NYC’s rich cultural past.

Street foods are an integral part of New York City culture, from classic hot dogs and soft pretzels to arepas from Venezuela and Jamaican jerk chicken. Experience them all at Chelsea Market or Smorgasburg where curated experiences await.

2. Sicily

Sicily is widely renowned for being Europe’s most fertile region, boasting abundant fruit and vegetable production of exceptional quality. Sun-kissed eggplants, crunchy pistachios and fragrant fennel flourish alongside vibrant tomato varieties, citrus fruits and delicious seafood offerings.

Mediterranean Gastronomy as Reflected in Island Cuisine

The island’s Mediterranean gastronomic heritage reflects its long and complex history, drawing heavily from Greek, Sardinian and Arab dishes while also drawing influences from Arab, Norman and Spanish empires. Fish couscous, squid-ink spaghetti and swordfish carpaccios are staples in its cuisine; other dishes of note are arancinis and bottarga (dried compressed roe sac of grey mullet or bluefin tuna).

3. Mexico

From succulent carne asada tacos at Mercado 20 de Noviembre to tasting traditional moles, Mexico’s culinary scene offers something delicious for every palate. Each region boasts their own culinary traditions that can be explored on food tours.

Puebla offers tours of historic restaurants and churches which highlight local dishes like cochinita pibil, a Mayan specialty consisting of marinated pork slow-cooked in banana leaves; ceviche, an invigorating seafood dish featuring marinated fish, shrimp, onions, cilantro and chili peppers; sweet treats are also an integral part of Mexican cuisine, including chocolate-covered churros or flan which features rich custard-like textures that satisfy even the most indulgent palates.

4. Philippines

Philippines tourism draws travelers in with its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, but don’t overlook its delicious culinary traditions either! From Pampanga Adobo to Bicol cuisine, Filipino cooking offers tantalizing flavours.

Philippines cuisine is widely known for its delectable pastries known as kakanin (traditional Filipino pastries), such as kutsinta, sapin-sapin, bibingka and suman made of glutinous rice. These sweet treats can often be found being enjoyed alongside coffee kapeng barako.

5. Japan

Japan is well known for its varied culinary culture, from ancient dishes rooted in centuries of tradition to exciting creations pushing the limits of taste. Foodies will certainly find something tasty to enjoy here!

Taste freshly-caught sashimi at Tokyo’s legendary Tsukiji Market and enjoy street foods ranging from yakitori skewers to okonomiyaki pancakes. Or join a sushi or ramen cooking class in Kyoto or Tokyo for an immersive culinary experience!

Discover the many variations of ramen, from rich and flavorful tonkotsu broth in Tokyo to Kyoto’s lighter miso-based versions, or sample symbolic Japanese New Year dishes known as osechi ryori, multi-tiered lacquerware box offerings symbolizing wealth, health, longevity.

6. South East Asia

Southeast Asia is beloved by backpackers and budget travelers alike for its delectable cuisine, featuring traditions from various Chinese, Malay, Indian, Peranakan, and Thai cultures that have settled there over centuries.

Southeast Asia boasts an eclectic culinary landscape ranging from affordable street food and hawker markets to Michelin-star restaurants that provide traveler with delicious cuisines for any budget. Pad Thai, Tom Yum and Nasi Goreng from Indonesia or grilled Satay (skewered meat) from Malaysia and Singapore all serve up tasty food choices to suit every traveler’s palette. Pad Thai remains the go-to dish among backpackers while Nasi Goreng from Indonesia or grilled Satay from Malaysia or Singapore are always tasty choices as backpacker favorites among travelers – for an indulgent indulgence in Thailand or Thai’s famous street markets where local street vendors hawkers sell foods at unbeatable prices!

7. The Americas

Gastronomic travel offers travelers an immersive cultural experience. From sampling spicy curries in Southeast Asia to dining on seared tuna at a New York restaurant, each region provides its own distinct culinary identity that draws travelers in.

Venture out into the Americas on a culinary exploration and experience its diverse and delicious cuisine – from South American delicacies like ceviche and causa to Argentina’s legendary grilled meats! This region provides the ideal platform to experience an eclectic fusion of culinary traditions.

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