Explore the awe-inspiring fjord landscapes of Norway as you kayak and hike through this breathtaking wilderness. Camp under the stars by the pristine Naeroyfjord and trek to towering mountaintops for incredible views of this stunning region. Stay in quirky boutique hotels and cosy historic inns as well as wild camp straight out under the stars on this ultimate adventure holiday.

Mountain Trekking

A popular adventure activity is mountain trekking, which allows travelers to experience nature up close and personal. Trekking often involves walking long distances over remote and mountainous terrain while traveling in groups with a guide. Generally, this activity is suited for experienced hikers looking to challenge themselves and see new places.

Many people choose to trek well-known routes like the Inca Trail or Salkantay. Others opt to tackle more difficult high altitude peaks that require a certain level of climbing expertise, such as Mount Aconcagua in Argentina or Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

A number of reasons have contributed to the increased popularity of this activity. For example, the rise of social media and instagrammable photos has brought more vivid images of the Alps to the masses and planted the seed for potential trekkers to pursue their own adventures in this stunning region. Another reason is the growing availability of equipment and support for first-time active travelers.


Coasteering was first developed in Britain’s Pembrokeshire and is now enjoyed across Europe, with the likes of Spain’s coast near Magaluf offering exciting excursions. The pursuit treats rocky coastlines as eco-adventure playgrounds. Participants can expect to be rock-hopping, scrambling up gullies and exploring caves along the way.

Unlike mountain trekking, which requires a certain level of fitness, coasteering is an exhilarating but relatively safe activity. Accredited operators will take a host of factors into account, such as the weather and sea conditions and tides to calculate the safest route for their clients. They also know which cliffs, stacks and caves to explore as well as where to avoid areas where seals and seabirds breed.

For the most fun, participants will need a pair of grippy trainers or water shoes. A wetsuit and buoyancy aid is a must, too, as is a helmet to protect against rocks. Guides will make sure all necessary equipment is provided.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an exhilarating and challenging activity that takes place on riverbeds. Rafting uses oars or paddles to navigate through rapids and eddies, depending on the type of raft chosen. The level of intensity varies depending on the season; in spring, melting snow and ice create torrential class IV and V rapids while calmer waters prevail in summer and fall.

Experience a different side of the Adirondacks on a guided whitewater rafting trip along the Hudson River Gorge. Whether you opt for a scenic family float trip interspersed with the thrill of rolling rapids or a heart-pounding traverse through serious whitewater, you’re sure to find yourself paddling along wooded shores and into gentle eddies surrounded by towering cliffs.

Regardless of your skill level, there’s a white water rafting adventure for everyone. Families can take on the Upper New River for a full day or overnight trip while teens can opt for an adrenaline-fueled ride down the Backcountry Moose River or wild Sacandaga River.


Kayaking is a fun, low-impact activity that involves propelling yourself through the waterways using a double-bladed paddle. This water sport was invented by the Inuit people of the Arctic regions and is now a popular recreational activity that can be as peaceful as exploring a calm lake or as exciting as a whitewater slalom race.

On a kayaking adventure you’ll need 3 essentials: a helmet, life jacket and spray skirt (aka the ‘kayak’) as well as your vessel, of course. Kayaks are big, bulky and hard to store at home so they’re normally hired from a guide who can also supply you with the other gear.

Kayaking is a fun addition to any hiking or water sports trip and enables you to see the world in a whole new way. Our experts will help you select the best kayaking destinations for your needs, whether that’s searching for orca in Norway’s fjord-filled wilderness or island-hopping off the coast of Belize.

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