An adventure journey is a structured activity that requires participants to achieve a particular goal. The objective of an adventure journey should be set and the participants must be aware of the specific rules and requirements that apply to the particular adventure. In addition, an adventure journey must be undertaken by a group of at least four people and a maximum of seven. The group must identify with a specific sub-group and make decisions together. In addition, the activity must involve a considerable amount of personal effort.

An adventure journey is also called an expedition. It involves risking your life, health, or reputation. In an expedition, around two-thirds of the effort must be spent on the journey itself. The purpose of an adventure journey can be to gather information or to observe a particular environment. While on an exploration journey, you may also be assisting someone else as they participate in the adventure.

The Assessors for the Adventure Journey Section are independent individuals, who are not parents. The assessors must have appropriate qualifications and training to supervise the journey. The level of independence required of the assessors depends on the age and independence of the participant. The length and frequency of contact between the participant and the assessor depends on the activity, the level of independence, and the type of experience. However, in general, the commitment should be substantially outside school or work hours. In addition, a qualifying journey requires that the participant meet the necessary requirements.

The Adventurous Journey section of the Adventure Award requires participants to have a strong sense of exploration and adventure. The activities involve teamwork, decision-making, and risk-taking. In addition, the experience also requires the participants to plan for an unfamiliar environment and take responsibility for their actions. The Adventurous Journey section can include land activities, water activities, or expeditions.

The adventurous Journey is a key part of the Award program and is an opportunity for young people to discover their own personal strengths and develop self-confidence. Participants work with a supervisor or assessor to plan and execute a challenging journey. Although many Award Centers have their own staff who train to deliver the Adventurous Journey, the majority of them work with outdoor providers who can provide the training and qualifying journey.

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