Asia offers an abundance of adventure activities, from hiking volcanoes in Indonesia to scuba diving with whale sharks off the Thai coast. No matter if you’re a thrill seeker or just love nature, Asia has something for everyone!

There are plenty of enchanting experiences not often discovered along the tourist route. Venture deep into the jungle to a remote waterfall, feed friendly elephants or swim among bioluminescent plankton. Whatever you choose to do, don’t miss these incredible opportunities!

Deserted Islands

Travelers often dream of discovering deserted islands as a chance to get away from it all and explore nature without needing assistance from a guide or resort. With these islands, travelers can truly immerse themselves in nature’s wonder without any outside assistance or accompaniment.

Tales of abandoned islands with intriguing backstories abound, from volcanic eruptions to political upheaval. While some remain haunted by their dark histories, others have been restored back to their natural state.

Japan boasts many uninhabited island paradises that draw adventurers. One such location is Sarushima Island, situated near Tokyo.

At one time, this island served as a military base and weapons hub during the early part of the 20th century. Nowadays, it’s home to wild rabbits.

Urban Exploration

Urban exploration (known as urbex), a subset of adventure travel, involves visiting off-limits areas. This could involve exploring abandoned buildings, underground tunnels or metro systems as well as entering storm drains and sewers.

Many explorers do this for the experience alone, while others find it an incredibly immersive experience that may lead to some incredible discoveries. Exploring hidden corners of a city provides insight into its history and culture while giving one a taste for its culture and history.

There is a global community of urban explorers. This group comprises individuals ranging in age from teenagers to septuagenarians and encompasses individuals from around the world.


Asia offers an incredible diversity of culture, landscapes and experiences to explore. From bustling urban hubs to remote wilderness, the continent provides a choice-your-own adventure destination for all tastes and budgets.

Experience breathtaking mountain ranges, UNESCO World Heritage Listed ruins and tropical beaches alike. For adrenaline junkies, there are plenty of activities like rafting, ziplining and camel riding that will get your heart racing.

Dragons have been around for millions of years in Indonesia, and remain a significant feature of its landscape today. Thankfully, they are protected from human encroachment by Komodo National Park and other conservation efforts. The Komodo dragon is considered to be the largest in the world, weighing up to 30 kilograms and measuring an impressive six feet long.

Trekking with Orangutans

Orangutans are an enchanting species that only exists in Borneo and Sumatra’s jungles, where deforestation has brought them close to extinction. Joining a responsible trekking company is the best way to view these incredible creatures in their natural environment while contributing to wildlife conservation efforts.

At an ethical trek, guides are knowledgeable about orangutan behavior and have years of experience. They know when it’s time to leave if an orangutan appears stressed or upset.

The guide will also ensure that any food or drinks brought with you remain hidden while near orangutans. It’s a common misconception that orangutans will approach people to eat from people, but this isn’t how they act in the wild.


Mountaineering is an enjoyable way to get outdoors and experience nature. It can be a tough workout that requires lots of skill and determination.

Mountaineering can be dangerous, so it’s essential to be prepared and develop your skills. Additionally, mountaineering requires a lot of supplies – make sure you pack them carefully and bring them along on your adventure!

If you have never mountaineered before, the best way to begin is with a guide. They can assist in getting started and keeping you safe throughout your adventure.

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