South America is a food lover’s paradise, boasting an array of exciting and innovative cuisines to please every palate. It has earned itself a reputation for producing some of the freshest produce with influences from both local and international culinary cultures.

Discover Latin America’s trendiest culinary destinations with a customized South American gourmet trip. Our excursions provide exclusive access to award-winning restaurants, secret eateries, homes, kitchens and markets where you can sample local dishes and meet passionate chefs and sommeliers in some of Latin America’s epicurean meccas.

Lima is one of the world’s premier culinary destinations, boasting an array of award-winning restaurants and an exciting foodie scene. Experience Lima’s vibrant street food culture on a bike and tapas tour that takes you to ocean-side Miraflores, charming San Isidro and bohemian Barranco. Wander its vibrant produce markets and interact with friendly vendors before joining a private chef for fruit tasting and chili pepper education.

Peru’s modern Nova Andina cuisine is an Asian-inspired fusion of fish dishes such as ceviches and tiraditos. Here, the flavors from the Pacific coast meet those from the Andes in perfect harmony – creating a delectable combination.

Curanto is a dish popular in Chilean cuisine that combines shellfish, pork, potato pancake and other staples buried underground with hot stones. Experience this unique and tasty experience as part of one of our many foodie tours here at this destination.

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