Long distance motorcycle trips require careful preparation to ensure safety and comfort. As opposed to travelling by car, motorcyclists are more vulnerable to weather elements and must be ready for whatever arises on their journey.

Take one of these road trips and you will experience unforgettable Kodak moments, historic sites, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Just keep the weather in mind and keep your bike’s gas tank filled!

Long Island’s North Shore Tour

Long Island’s North Shore has long captivated writers and vacationers with its luxurious summer homes, historic old buildings, and dramatic landscape. This ride explores Suffolk County’s “Gold Coast”, including bluffs, villages, towns and beaches where luxurious estates of the Gilded Age inspire our inner Gatsby; trendy villages can be found nearby as well as scenic beaches that beckon us.

Hit the North Shore Rail Trail, paralleling New York State Route 25A. This non-motorized, ADA-compliant trail connects local recreational areas, schools and businesses as well as residential neighborhoods – providing a safer alternative to traffic-choked roads.

Experience an idyllic lifestyle from Long Island’s North Fork’s charming towns and cozy inns all the way down to its world-class vineyards on Long Island’s North Shore. For an extra unique wine tour experience, hop aboard the New Vine Wine Wagon — an exceptional contraption that allows you to sip and taste at select vineyards while taking in all its sights!

California’s Pacific Coast Highway

Owning a motorcycle gives drivers an incomparable feeling of freedom rarely experienced while behind the wheel of any other vehicle. Not only can you experience nature directly through being outside but you also get to speed past those hung up in traffic for once!

Highway 1, or PCH, traverses California’s expansive coast from north to south and is one of the country’s premier road trips. Boasting stunning vistas such as Bixby Bridge as well as charming coastal towns and hidden-gem restaurants along its course, PCH offers something special for everyone to experience along its length.

As you travel along the Pacific Coast Highway, always remain safe and follow road rules. Lane splitting is a popular practice among motorcyclists to speed up and enhance their journey, but many drivers resent riders who do it recklessly or at high speeds; it would be wiser not to split lanes during peak traffic times as that wouldn’t be safe for either party involved.

New York City’s Central Park Loop

This 6.1-mile bike path runs clockwise around Central Park and is considered one of the premier bike trails in New York City. Additionally, it’s an excellent way to discover all that the city has to offer!

Begin your tour at the southeast entrance to Central Park at 59th Street and 5th Avenue and make your way down East Drive, passing some of New York City’s iconic spots such as the Plaza Hotel at its corner and Fifth Avenue lined with shops and restaurants nearby.

While cycling through the park, take note of all of its beautiful water features, like the Obelisk, Metropolitan Museum of Art and more. Running this route? Stay on the pedestrian path to the left side of the road; bikes may pass you quickly right next to you!

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