Volunteer travel has rapidly become a mainstream solution to global problems like poverty and environmental destruction. Volunteer travel also gives back while offering an active travel experience that provides greater benefits.

But is it really worth your while, and what is the most efficient way of going about this process?

3. Pack Right

Packing for an unfamiliar trip can be stressful, yet manageable with some careful preparation and planning. Rucksacks are ideal for volunteer travellers because they’re less conspicuous than suitcases and allow you to organize everything more effectively.

If there’s something that you use regularly, such as deodorant or eye drops, do some research to see if it is available where you are going. If not, bring along several bottles. Also try packing shoes that serve multiple functions – for instance ones that convert into shorts or jackets so as to save space and don’t forget a torch/headlamp!

4. Get a Travel & Medical Insurance

Have a flexible travel insurance policy to protect you should unplanned circumstances cause changes or cancellation of your volunteer travel plans, providing peace of mind in cases where emergency care services cannot meet all needs in remote locations or regions with inadequate hospitals.

As a volunteer traveler, you can expect to experience much more than what would typically be offered as part of an ordinary vacation. This may involve invitations to family gatherings or weddings; trips to gorgeous spots outside your guidebook; and attending local events! With that in mind, travel insurance is an absolute necessity when embarking on volunteering adventures!

5. Be Prepared

When it comes to volunteering, preparation is key. This means making sure that you’re vaccinated, packing appropriately and researching the culture and customs of where you will be traveling to. Furthermore, select a location which means something personal to you – being selfish is okay at this stage as your experience will likely be enhanced if it’s somewhere that really resonates with you.

Consider your time constraints carefully when setting travel goals and checking on progress regularly – overstretching yourself could put yourself in jeopardy!

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